Custom Plastic Pallets

Thermoformed custom PLASTIC PALLETS

Thermoforming is the process of heating a flat plastic sheet to the point our machine can shape it into a functional form. By heating and cooling the plastic at the calculated time, we produce pallets, trays, caps, and more, which can endure extreme temperatures and multiple uses.

Our 200,000 square foot factory houses thirteen thermoforming machines – from thin gauge inline to one of the largest heavy-gauge twin sheet thermoforming machines in the world. Formall has the advantage of controlling the thermoforming process from start to finish. We have four sheet line plastic extruders.

We typically work with materials ranging in thickness from .030 to .500. These are some examples of thermoformed packaging we specialize in:

  • USPS Plastic Pallets
  • Pallets, trays, caps, sleeves, etc. for the major automotive companies
  • Textile yarn packs
  • Sleeve packs
  • Heavy-gauge thermoformed plastic parts are relied on in nearly every industry: aerospace, automotive, distribution, e-commerce, food and beverage, grocery, and retail.

Many of these products are custom designed to meet a specific need.

Stackable. Nestable. Reusable.

Thermoformed Custom Plastic Pallets

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